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Technical Areas

1.Policy, Planning and Implementation of Asset Integrity Management in Iranian Oil & gas

  • Implementation of AIM system
  • Human resources in AIM
  • Cross-industry learning
  • Enhance knowledge through training

2.Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

  • Safety and Education
  • Risk identification and analysis of the accidents
  • New design methods to reduce environmental damage
  • Crisis Management

3.Life Extension of Physical Assets

  • Fatigue management

4.Policy, Planning, Maintenance and Repair Strategies for Offshore Facilities (Surface and Subsurface)

  • Repair technologies for subsea facilities
  • Repair technologies for topside and terminals
  • Provide the technical basis for defining a repair / maintenance plan
  • Ensure future safe cost effective operation of the pipeline

5.Corrosion Control and Management

  • Types & overview of corrosion risk for corrosion control & management
  • Assess the significance of the internal and external corrosion features
  • Pipeline coatings, linings and wrappings
  • Cathodic protection
  • Chemical injections /inhibitors
  • Corrosion monitoring & inspection
  • Microbiological corrosion, stress-corrosion cracking in pipelines

6.Inspection, Monitoring and Testing

  • Risk-based inspection
  • Inspection technologies
  • ROV/AUV underwater survey
  • Pipeline intelligent pigging
  • Condition monitoring and trend analysis
  • Non-destructive inspection
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Testing of mechanical systems
  • Testing of electrical systems
  • UT application in inspection
  • Provide recommendations for the optimum inspection interval

7.Integrity assessment

  • Software solutions for management and tracking of defects
  • Failure analysis
  • Engineering criticality assessment
  • Root cause investigation
  • Statistical integrity data analysis
  • Identify any features which require immediate repair
  • Identify the potential causes of defects that are a threat to the pipeline

8.Procurement Management

  • Key objectives in procurement
  • Strategic roles of procurement in organization
  • Warehousing and supply of goods

9.Codes, Standards and Training

  •  Codes and standards context for AIMs
  • Establish, implement and maintain an integrity management system via standards and codes
  • Outline the methodology for performing PIMs, RIMs, SIMs, WIMs

10.Investment Opportunities and Challenges in Offshore Assets

Important Dates

Deadline for Abstract Submission
5th April 2018

Announcing Abstract Acceptance
14th April 2018

Deadline for Full Paper Submission
5th May 2018

Announcing Papers Acceptance for Oral/ Poster/ Presentation
25th May 2018


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